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Warning! Use EXACTLY the same first name as it appears on your driver's licence or Medicare card. Use EXACTLY the same last name as it appears on your driver's licence or Medicare card. The use of a generic email such as info@entreprise.com is not acceptable and may cause delays processing your request. Please use an individual and specific work email to ensure accurate correspondence and processing of your request. This information is optional, but recommended because it could help us contact you for security purposes or to manage your subscriptions. The department or service name will be used to produce the digital signature name. For example: Signed by MyEntreprise -- Marketing
Please use an individual email specific to you. 


This email is not linked with an organisation Notarius has an agreement with; please make sure your email address is correct. An agreement with Notarius is required to issue corporate digital signatures.

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Addition of an alternate email is highly recommended to allow you to recover your digital signature in the event of a change to your primary email, or to contact you for security reasons.



There is currently a pending application for this digital signature. It will be cancelled given this new request. Please verify that the information entered is correct and click Next to continue. If you require assistance, please contact us!
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